I resign, but I don’t leave MIMO totally

On the spring 2011 I signed up to be coordinator in MIMO. I made my assignment for one year, but sometimes is hard to give up if you are deeply involved to something. To be a coordinator in project situated mainly on west coast and same  time to be a lecture in the other side of Finland is not a easy task. So I felt relieved when I was offered the possibility to give up my assignment.

I want to thank everybody in MIMO. I am not dissappearing totally, but my focus is changing. And I want to wish successful milestones and good spirit for  Sari who is following me.


Application filled

Today I filled application to participate to MIMO-cruising. Well, sounds good! I have not visited in Stockholm for a long time, so this is something special. Also boarding from Helsinki is an unique experience for former åborginal (somebody living in Turku). There are about 20 MIMO-active participating, so it will be nice group and I am looking forward to trip.

It is done!

I wrote something today. Yes! After sleeping till tomorrow, I will open the document and looked at it, if I could still agree my yesterday ideas. Now I feel empty and I am going to have a coffee break.

A good day

Well, yesterday was a good day. Really! I got a lot of work done or at least I had a good feeling about that. It had a positive impact to all my being. Today I try to finish this writing job. I know that version 1.2. is not the final one, but almost ready.

Tomorrow still something to do for MIMO and after that I will leave this project for a while and try to focus myself to other businesses. In the end of January there will be a cruising to Stockholm in order to develop MPT. Well, should I go or should I stay, that’s the question. Anyway my zero tolerance will continue…

I love writing

I love writing. Yes, that’s true, but there are so little time to show my passion towards this form of creativity. Always there is the little step to take, so I can write, but after start working, it’s like a bubbling spring. I mean, I feel good when doing this.

Today, I devote myself to write and correct my article. The Idea is diamond clear but organizing these smart tips concerning process documentation is another business. When writing the first version, I didn’t put references inside the text. So, now I have a minor problem to remember right books and chapters.

Well, anyway I have decided not  to leave this room until the text is ready. Pity me! This would be a long day!

After party posting

IMG_1531On the tuesday evening we were celebrating The Evening of disappearing  art. This was third of this kind of event in MIMO. The event was taking in place in Vimma. Were were about thirty people participating celebration. There were a exhibition of puppets made by art workshop youngsters and then we were learning some basics of improvisation on the stage. Finally there were of cource, ethnic dinner and some music. Afterwards I was quite satisfied for the evening. Everybody felt happy and enjoyed being together. This was also final meeting for the ABM group. Thank you!

IMG_1522 IMG_1523 IMG_1526 IMG_1527

Some feelings

I know, I know! That’s not a basic idea of blog writing – to be a silent. Now we are living November, and this is my first posting during autumn (I dont’t even have  mustache). I apologize. I am not a good role model of process documentation, but I have my explanations. It has been very tough time. Sometimes I have had a feeling that someone has pull the rug under my feet. I have made plans and next day I have found them ruined. But that’s the life.

It has been also tough to concentrate to project biweekly. Someway I have lost my motivation and felt quite lonely with this project, even we have new and enthusiastic persons participating MIMO. Maybe the reason is just this autumn and depressive weather. Back to work and against  the wind.